If You Need A Referral

    Call 781-338-7100 if you need to coordinate a referral. Please note: Dr. Tim Tierney is a member of the Melrose Wakefield Healthcare Community. This means referrals from this practice will be directed to specialists within this group of physicians. Within the PHO there are well qualified board certified specialists of every discipline trained at the best Medical Schools and Residencies in the country. In addition, most of these specialist utilize the same electronic medical record system as Dr. Tierney so that they will have your medical records at your visit with them.

    We discourage and may refuse referrals patients make on their own that outside of this PHO network. If the ability to self refer to specialists outside the Melrose Wakefield Healthcare System is important for you, but you require PCP approval for referrals, you are encouraged not to pick Dr Tierney as your PCP.