Zostavax Payment Policy

Shingles is a painful recurrence of the chicken pox infection almost all of us had as children. This problem will affect about one third of all adults, generally in those over age 60. A vaccine is now available to prevent shingles named Zostavax. The Center for Disease Control recommends Zostavax be administered to everyone over the age of 60.

However, the Zostavax is expensive and not provided by the State like many other recommended vaccines. Some insurances will pay for this vaccine totally, some will pay for it partially, but many do not pay for it at all. Check with your own health insurer's member services to query their coverage for Zostavax as it applies to your specific plan.

Main Street Medical keeps a limited supply of this vaccine on hand, but because of the uneven insurance coverage Main Street Medical requires payment of $250.00 prior to its administration ($225.00 for the vaccine and $25.00 dollar administration fee). We will bill your insurance for the vaccine, and if we receive payment will reimburse you $250.

The ONLY exception to this policy at this time applies to Tufts Medicare Patients. If you are covered under this plan and desire the vaccine, let Main Street Medical know and we will order it from Tufts Medicare designated pharmacy: Curascripts. Curascripts will contact you before the vaccine is sent to our office to confirm you desire the vaccine and to collect via credit card payment a co-pay of 25 dollars for the vaccine. When the vaccine is delivered to the office we will alert you and have you come in for the administration of the vaccine. A typical office co-pay will be charged for this office visit.

The Shingles Shot may be available through you local Board of health for FREE Give them a call

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