Your Payment Responsibilities

It is necessary for the patient to be aware that payment, co-payment and all related billing issues are ultimately the responsibilities of the patient.

All co-payments are due prior to the office visit. Main Street Medical accepts credit card payments, personal checks, and of course cash for co-payments. ATM machines are located across the steet from our office at the Bank of America.
Fees charged to Main Street Medical by our bank for "bounced" checks will be passed on to the responsible patient.

It is very important to maintain up to date insurance information in your medical record. The front desk staff will ALWAYS ask for your insurance card at every office visit. Please bring this card with you at EVERY visit no matter how many times you have visited the office. Main Street Medical reserves the right to refuse services to patients who do not have their insurance card at the time of the visit. Also, any settling of unpaid bills will occur before an office visit, and again Main Street Medical reserves the right to refuse services to patients who have unpaid balances.

If you find yourself in arrears with Main Street Medical, and are not presently in a position to pay your balance in full, please arrange a payment plan with our Biller Toni Griffin. We will never turn away a patient for inablilty to pay in full at time of visit, if in good faith an alternative acceptable payment arrangement as been developed between Main Street Medical and the patient.

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