Currently Accepted Insurance

Please refer to handbook provided by your Human Resource Department to determine if Dr Tierney is included on your office's provided insurance. If Dr Tierney is listed you may choose him as your PCP. But before you do please take your time to read through the policies of his office. These policies are strictly adhered to by office staff.
Of note, Dr Tierney is intensely loyal to the Hallmark Health System and will refer exclusively within the specialists of this PHO. Referrals outside of this network will be done only if directed by consulted Hallmark specialist. If you have a previous relationship outside of Hallmark (for instance Winchester Hospital, Lahey Clinic, or MGH) you will not be given referral approval to continue this care unless the provided service is clearly not provided within the Hallmark Health System.
For list of Hallmark Health Specialists please go to their website at

Main Street Family Practice: 675 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176: Office Telephone: 781.662.4934