Main Street Medical Office Policies

Main Street Family Practice (Dr. Tierney, Mr. Salines, and Ms. Pride) focuses on preventive health care and primary outpatient medicine.
Guiding our treatment policies are the U.S. Preventive Task Force, and The American Academy of Family Practice. The scope of the primary care provided at Main Street Medical includes the majority of health care needs encountered by the average individual. Medical problems outside of Main Street Medical's scope of practice are referred to appropriate Board Certified Specialty care providers.
Dr. Tierney and Mr. Salines will refer patients to specialists within the Hallmark Health System unless the necessary specialty care cannot be found in the Hallmark System; in those cases to the appropriate resource. Patients requiring inpatient treatments will be admitted to Melrose-Wakefield Hospital or Lawrence Memorial Hospital and their hospitalist service.
The relationship between a patient and the providers at Main Street Medical is a partnership. The providers here need involvement by their patients to insure quality of care is provided. This involvement includes following directions verbal and printed, voicing confusion over treatment recommendations, demanding specialty care if not initially offered but felt by the patient to be necessary, and to insure the results to every lab test done is received and understood.
Patients need to be aware of any restrictions their insurance company places upon them. The Main Street Medical staff can assist with some questions, but are not expected to be experts of each insurance product, and cannot be held responsible for what service is or is not covered.

Main Street Family Practice: 675 Main Street, Melrose, MA 02176: Office Telephone: 781.662.4934